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What Cerebral Palsy Means to Me?

This is written by my grandmother about 4 years ago. If you want to read what I have to say and what I am doing today, read My blog

I will soon be fitted for leg braces and a wheel chair.

I recognize other children who are like me and get real happy around them. I guess because I know I am not alone.

I can't sit up without being propped up or without having to hold on. I can sit in a high chair and sit in a grocery buggy but I have to hold on so I won't fall over. Mama has to constantly remind me to "hold myself up."

picture of cerebral palsy patient

I said my first sentence the other day, " I want milk," loud and clear.

I am getting into everything. I still can't crawl but I roll and scoot where I want to go. It takes me a little longer than normal babies, but I am special.

I think it is funny to get into something I know I am not suppose to, Grandma will move me away from the object, but I usually go right back. I laugh when I get caught.

Four years later

Cerebral Palsy means to me extra work. Things you take for granted like sitting up in a chair is hard for me. I bob. when I eat, I often put get my hair in my food sometimes even my face. My muscles in my hips pull me forward, so I have to fight this. I have to where tight fitting braces that sometimes hurt my legs and feet to be able to use the walker. And I see lots of doctors.

Botox Injections Spasticity Cerebral Palsy

I take botox injections to paralyze some of my leg muscles to make other the other work harder. They give me about 20 shots. I have to be put to sleep for this cause they hurt real bad. I might have to have the injections in my back cause I tend to lean forward. My muscles are spastic and pull me forward. I can't help it. To learn more about how I cope today read Naudikah's blog - a day to day journal of a child with cerebral palsy.

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