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Cerebral Palsy Detection

Cerebral palsy children typically have scissor legs. My leg muscles are spastic and draw up tight. I can't stand on my own. Mama has to carry me everywhere and I am getting heavy. I should be able to walk at my age but I can't. My back is weak so I can't sit up or crawl either. I really want to get up and play with my sister but all I can do is watch her play.

Not too long ago I learned to hold my bottle. My muscles are tight in my hands so they drawl back like eagle talons. Learning to hold my bottle sure was not easy.

One of the first signs my grandmother noticed that something was wrong was when I didn't sit up by 6 months of age. By this age, I should have been crawling and sitting up. When 8 months came around and I still wasn't crawling or sitting up, she knew something was terribly wrong. My doctor didn't seem concerned. I had Medicaide. So, we changed doctors. They started trying to diagnose what was wrong soon after.


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