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Busick NC Ghost Stories

Here is a Ghost Sighting sent to me through feedback.

hi, I was reading about the hauntings of north Carolina. I live in Florida, and me, my grandfather, and my brother went to Busick North Carolina for a vacation, our cousin built dome homes and we stayed at his, next door to it, through the woods a little ways is an old abandoned house that's over 100 years old, we went there looking around because it looked cool, there was a spirit there, I normally wouldn't have believed it, but I saw it with my own eyes, something very bad happened there, as we went through each room, someone was following us, we heard the footsteps and other noise throughout the house, then we went in the back yard and into the woods, directly in back of the house, we went a little ways and we saw leaves spread out in ovals on the ground, as of the size of a body, and there were gnats all over covering the air, with a horrible smell, and we looked all around the woods and there were no dead animals or anything, then we went farther back into the woods, and there was something hanging, it was huge, and definitely man made, it was an upside down triangle, but it was huge!!! with vines wrapped around it, and it was hanging, I even have a picture of it. we decided to go back to the house and just leave, well, we got to the woods entrance and I looked at the house and there was someone at the window staring at us, watching us! , it didn't disappear for a while, until we went inside, then it was gone. this experience was completely chilling, it was incredible. I've been looking everywhere for any information on that house, if anything happened there, but I cant find anything,