Auguste Rodin Sculpture Pictures, Facts and Information

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This page contains pictures and facts about Auguste Rodin, his sculpture and artwork.

Auguste Rodin brought new life to sculpturing in the 1800ís. Augusteís models were sculptured to perfection with his point of focus being realistic figures. Critics of his time shunned believing that he sculptured his pieces without using plastic cast of real models. 

In the 1880's, Rodin became very successful and received several commissions for public monuments.  Auguste Rodin, most controversial sculpture was the Balzac. This sculpture depicts the famous Frenchmen and caused huge criticism and outrage from locals. Critics claim that the artist did not follow the standard procedure for the subject and lacked a finished surface. Auguste present Balzac, standing and wearing a robe. Auguste's makes you focus on the eyes of the sculpture. The sculptures eyes are focus and intense. Auguste's seems to want to present the man with having a dark side.


the thinker by rodincambodian dancer by rodinthe kissCambodian Dancer

Auguste Rodin artwork in fine art prints

The most famous artwork by Rodin is the Thinker which is sculpture. Other famous artwork by Rodin include the Kiss. Auguste Rodin was born in Paris France.