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This page contains pictures and facts about Japanese art influence on western artists and the Japonisme art movement of the 19th century.

Japonisme is a term came up by a French critic to describe the craze for Japanese artwork. In the mid 1850’s of France, the latest craze was Japonisme. Artists were amazed and influence by the style of Japonisme.

In France, anything that was Japanese was popular and the craze. Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet were among many artist who were enticed by the Japanese style.

Vincent Van Gogh saw Japanese woodblock prints in a shop and bought them. He instantly became enticed and immediately influenced his paintings. Vincent added woodblock to the back of his painting and decorated the painting with Japanese characters.

Claude Monet was another painter who was influenced by the Japanese style. He created the painting “la Japonaise”. In the painting, he painted his wife in a Kimono dress and holding a Japanese fan.

Japonisme Art Pictures

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