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This page contains pictures and facts about Jacques Louis David paintings.

Jacques Louis David was a French neo classical painter who painted the oath of Horatti and the Death of Socrates. He was born in Paris France  and died in Brussels Belgium .


Bonaparte Crossing the St. Bernard Pass, 1800The Death of Socrates, c.1787

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Romanticism of Jacques Louis David paintings

The most famous pictures by Jacques Louis David are the Oath of the Horatii and The Sabine Women. Both these paintings incorporated simplicity of design, rectilinear lines, shapes, hard edged contours and somber colors. These characteristics represented SOBER which is a term for stability, order, balance, elegance and restraint used in the Neo classical age. Elegance was in the draping of the clothes depicted in the scene. The rectilinear lines represented order. The eyes follow the lines hard-edged contours were stability. The subject matter was Roman in which men are giving their allegiance, which represented order and stability. In the death of Socrates, the lines and general layout was the same as in the Oath of Horatti. Both paintings represented and celebrated self-sacrifice, male bonding and patriotism. The Oath of Horatti was a big success. Many went to see it when it went on display. The painting came to represent the growing anti monastic sentiment of the day.