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This page contains facts about Claude Monet and his paintings. It also contains pictures of Claude Monet famous paintings.

Claude Monet was apart of the French Impressionist movement. Impressionism ignited a revolution with an explosion of color and movement. Their vibrant canvases confounded critics, defied conventions and sparked scandal. A century and a half later, they are among the most revered and influential artists of all time.

Claude Monet was born in France . However, during the Franco Prussian war, he lived in England . He was a student of another painter who studied under Jacques Louis David.

Pictures of Monet Paintings

The Impressionists - Claude Monet - Banks of the Seine, VetheuilMadame Monet EmbroideringClaude Monet

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Monet's Daughter Painting in a Landscape
Monet's Daughter Painting in a Landscape

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