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This page contains facts about Michelangelo the artist, his most famous artwork and his techniques of painting.

Michelangelo was born in Caprese near Arezzo, Tuscany Italy. His most famous sculpture David is in Florence Italy.

Michelangelo is one of the world's most famous artist. He was a part of the Renaissance art movement.

Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel's ceiling in the Vatican Rome.

Michelangelo famous art paintings facts

Mannerism: a word used in the sixteenth century suggesting intellectually intricate subjects, highly skilled techniques, and art concerned with beauty for its own sake.

Extraordinary, virtuosity, sophisticated, elegant compositions, and fearless manipulations or distortions of accepted formal conventions.

Michelangelo Last Judgment description

  • 48-foot-high end wall is above the chapel altar.
  • First major commission of Pope Paul 3rd.
  • Painted 1536-1541

He abandoned the clearly organized medieval conceptions of the “Last Judgment”, in which the saved are neatly separated from the damned.

To Left: The dead are dragged from their graves and pushed up into a vortex of figures around Christ, who wields his arm like a sword of justice.

The shrinking Virgin represents a change from gothic tradition, where she sat enthroned beside, and equal in size to, her son.

Despite efforts of several saints to save them at the last minute, the rejected souls are plunged toward hell

To Right:  Saint Bartholomew, who in legend was martyred by being skinned alive, is holding his flayed skin, the face of which is painted with Michelangelo’s distorted features.

Michelangelo's Art Techniques

Fresco (fresh): when using both techniques

BUON FRESCO: A painting technique in which water based pigment is applied to a surface of wet plaster. The color is absorbed by the plaster, becoming a permanent part of the wall.

Fresco secco: technique in which you paint on dried plaster, and the color may flake off.

Parmigianino Art:  “Madonna with the long neck”

Famous artwork by Michelangelo:

Creation of Adam (embossed)

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Head of God

The Libyan Sibyl

Delphic Sibyl

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Michelangelo was an intense man who alternated between periods of depression and frenzied activity, yet he befriended and helped young artists.

Michelangelo work has been described as Calm but strangely unsettling