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This page contains pictures and facts about wild boars.


Wild boar are also called wild pigs or hogs. The Genus is Sus. The family is Suidae. The Latin name for European Wild Boar is Sus Scrofa.

The European wild boar is the largest of the species.

The boar's head was once considered a delicacy. It was the distinctive mark of King Richard III of England.


It is native to the forests of Eurasia and northern Africa and were introduced to the Americas for hunting purposes. For example, Russian Wild Boar were imported to Great Smokey Mountains, Tennessee and North Carolina from Eastern Europe.


Wild Boar
wild boar painting
Wild Boar Seated in the Undergrowth

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Boar Hunt: Painting by Frans Snyder's 17th century

Herd of Wild Boar

Characteristics of Wild Boar

Its hair is bristly, grizzled and brown or black in color. It is about 35 inches high to its shoulder. Wild boars tend to live in groups or herds. Old males tend to leave the herd and live alone. They are nocturnal animals. Swim very well.

Temperament: These animals are very dangerous, ferocious, strong and fast. When challenged wild boar tend to guard their back by backing up against embankments.


The wild boar is omnivorous meaning it eats both meat and vegetables.

Wild Hog Hunting

Hunting Wild Boar in California