Wild Bird Pictures, Facts and Information

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This page contains pictures and facts about wild birds.


Birds are found most everywhere in the world because of their ability to fly.


Birds exhibit much of the same behavior regardless of the species. Territories are established and then defended. Its song is used to attract a mate, warn off rivals and alert others to dangers.

Nesting Habits

Nesting habits vary according to the species. Some birds build nests in deep burrows. Some nests are woven hanging structures. Some are in sand, a hole in a tree or rock. Materials used in the construction of the nest can be leaves, algae, small stones, dirt, horsehair, feathers, snakeskin, sticks and other materials. Most all birds incubate their eggs. The eggs hatch from 11 to 80 days depending on the species.


Birds eat insects, grubs, seed, fruit, worms.


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Bird Feathers

Feathers are unique to birds. They are made of a protein called keratin. Feathers streamline and waterproof the body and is used as insulation. The feathers are shed in a process called molting.