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This page contains pictures and facts about Tigers.


The tiger is the largest member of the cat family Felidae. Its Latin name is Leo Tigris. Like other big cats, it roars when around another rival cat that is equal in strength and ferocity.

Characteristics of the Tiger

The tiger's size, color and markings varies in accordance to its locality and race. Tigers that live in the south tend to be smaller and more brightly colored than those that live in the north. The Bengal tiger is a bright reddish tan and marked with black stripes. Its cheeks, underbelly, inner sides of its legs are white. In contrast, the Siberian tiger has longer, paler and softer fur with a few being solid black and some being pure white.

The tiger does not have a mane like the lion.

The male tiger is larger than the female. Its shoulder height being about 3.3 feet. Its length is about 2.2 meters without its tail. Add another 1 meter if you what to include its tail. It weighs between 350-500 pounds.

The tiger life expectancy is about 11 years.

Habitat of the Tiger

The Tiger present range extends from China, India, Southeast Asia and the Soviet Union's far east better known as Siberia. It inhabits forests, grassy and swampy areas. It has been known to wander through ancient ruins of temples. The cat climbs trees well.

Tigers are strong swimmers. Man eaters in India have been known to swim to a boat, kill and drag a person from that boat back to land.


The tiger hunts at night. It preys on deer, wild hog and other animals. They will sometimes attack elephants and buffalo although this is rare. Cattle are sometimes targeted too. An old or disabled tiger will sometimes become man eaters cause humans are easy prey.


Siberian Tigers pics
siberian tiger running in the snow
Siberian Tiger Running in the snow
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White Tiger
bengal tiger india
Bengal Tiger, India

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Tiger Breeding

Tigers give birth to their young most any time of year in warm regions. However, in cold regions, cubs are born in the spring. They generally have 2 or 3 cubs to a litter. The cubs are born with stripes. They will stay with their mother for about 2 years. The tigress will not breed again until the cubs have left.

In zoos, a tiger has occasionally bred with a lion. If the father is a tiger the offspring are called tigrons. If the father is a lion, the offspring are called ligers.