Cardinal Bird Pictures, Facts and Information

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This page contains pictures and facts about red cardinal birds.


Cardinals were once hunted and caged because they sing a lot. Federal law now protects  song birds from being hunted. It is the official North Carolina  State Bird and is very common throughout the NC Mountains.


The Cardinal makes it's home in parks, suburbs, thickets, forests, mountains and open woods. At one time, the Cardinal lived mostly in the southern US but over the past century, it has widen its range to include most northern states. It will readily come to feeders which makes it a favorite among birdwatchers.


It has prominent crest and has a black facial area.  Males are bright red. Females are  a warm olive or yellowish brown color. Length of the bird is from 7-8 and a half inches.


red cardinalsmale and female carninalscardinals in a tree

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nesting habits

It's nest is often located in dense shrubbery. Its nest is built from strips of bark, bits of roots, dry leaves, twigs, grasses or other natural material. The female cardinal will lay 3-4 eggs. These eggs are white, bluish white or greenish white and spotted with a brownish tint. They usually do not have more than two broods a season.