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This page contains pictures and facts about dolphins.


Dolphins are mammals and are smart. They can be easily trained and love to play.

Dolphins are a smaller version of the whale. They are members of a group of mammals called cetaceans. They remain in the water at all times which is referred to as being Aquatic.

Dolphin Characteristics

Dolphins generally grow to be over 5 feet in length. They have front limbs that are like paddles and called flippers. They have a few bristles of hair around the mouth.

Their snout is short and projecting. The color of their skin is grayish.

Bottlenose Dolphins are friendly, playful and highly intelligent animals. They are the star performers at Marine aquariums and films.

The Dolphin is very vocal and communicates with others of its kind with complicated whistles and chirps. It sends out ultrasonic signals that help locate prey and find its way around. The technique is similar to what bats use and is called sonar.

One or even more dolphins have been known to fight off shark attacks by ramming a shark until they kill it.


Atlantic and Pacific oceans


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