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This page contains pictures and facts about Wolves.


The wolf is a member of the Canidae family.

Wolf Habitat

The Gray wolf or better known as the Timber Wolf is native to both North America and Eurasia.

The red wolf is native to the southeastern state of the USA.

It lives in open forests and the tundra.

Wolf Characteristics

Its coat is usually gray in color but can be brown, reddish, black or white. It looks like a large dog.

The red wolf is a reddish, tawny shade.

It has a broad head, large feet and a deep narrow chest.

Males can grow to be about 6.6 feet long and weigh about 100-110 pounds. Females are typically smaller than the male. Wolves in the south are smaller than those that inhabit the northern regions.

The wolf is highly intelligent.

The wolf carries its tail high when running.

They are thought to mate for life.

Food: Prey

The wolf eats many animals including mice, birds, rabbits, deer, moose, and caribou. It sometimes becomes a nuisance by attacking domestic livestock.


Wolves usually breed between December and April. The gestation period is about 63 days. Its litter is about 4-14 pups. All members of the pack care for the young.

Social Organization

The Gray wolf has a complex social organization. the wolf pack, numbering between four and seven individuals, is a society that follows a rigid hierarchy. The leader referred to as Alpha male is in control of the pack and is often the only male to breed. Cooperate among each pack member insures the protection, feeding and training of the pups.


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Food: Hunt: Prey

 Wolves communicate among one another by posture, voice and scent. They cooperate in a hunt to bring down big game, such as deer and other large mammals. However they also feed on smaller animals as well as birds.