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This page contains pictures and facts about Black Bears.



Black Bear fur color varies from cinnamon to black. It has a brown snout, small white breast spot is often present and he has no hump on his shoulder. Black Bear size from head and body length is 4 1/2 to 5 ft, shoulder height is 2-3ft. An adult weighs close to 300 lbs.


Black Bear lives in the forests, swamps and mountains. They are native to North Carolina.

Black Bears will gain weight in the fall of the year then go into hibernation for the winter. The Bear Hibernates in dens that are located under fallen trees, caves or other protected areas. Occasionally, one will wake from his hibernation.


He feeds on animals from insects to large mammals, plant material, carrion and garbage.

Remember do not feed the Bears. Feeding Bears like any other wild animal makes them less fearful of humans and therefore more dangerous to humans

Bears are wild animals and are Dangerous.


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Cubs are born about the end of January. Cubs are very small when compared to the adult bear. A cub weighs about a half a pound at birth.