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This page contains pictures and facts about the Bald Eagle.


The American Eagle is referred to as bald because the bird's head is white not featherless. Bald is an old term for white. The Bald Eagle mates for life. The bald Eagle is a native of the mountains of NC. You can often see the bird soaring in the sky above Asheville North Carolina.

American Eagle Characteristics

The Adult bird measures about 40 inches long. It is dark brown with a white head and tail. Its beak, eyes and feet are yellow. The bird will not attain its full plumage until its seventh year.


The bald eagle is the only found in North America. They are commonly found along rivers and large lakes. Often nesting in lone trees found on islands in rivers.

Nesting Habits

Eagles are monogamous. They mate for life and use the same nest each year. American Bald Eagles build their nest on a cliff, in a tree, or sometimes on the ground but mostly in inaccessible areas. They build their nests from sticks, weeds and earth. The nest of an Eagle can weigh over to a thousand pounds because the bird will continue to add to the nest using the same nest each year. The bird will lay a small clutch of eggs that will take about 6 to 8 weeks to hatch. The young birds take quite a while to reach maturity often 3-4 years.

Food Sources

Bald Eagles eat waterfowl, carrion and fish. Bald Eagles follow seabirds then rob them of their fish. All eagles eat on live prey. They will hunt their prey above then try to surprise and overwhelm their prey on the ground. Pollution of their food sources with pesticides has contributed to the decline in populations. They are protected from hunting under the National Emblem Act of 1940.

Bald Eagle National Symbol History

Because of their strength, Eagles have been a symbol of war and imperial power since Babylonian times. The majestic bald eagle is the United States National Symbol borrowed from Native American Culture. It has been the symbol of the USA since 1782.


Courage - eagle and flagflag and eagleSeize the Day

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Eagle In Native American Culture

This Bald Eagle was a symbol of strength and played an important part in Native American culture including dream interpretation, ceremonies and more. Many western tribes used the Bald Eagle feathers for headdresses. The Eagle feather was most coveted and treasured as it represented strength and bravery.