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Kodiak is in the southwest part of Alaska on the island of Kodiak. The city lies between the ocean and rugged mountains. It is a major fishing port producing fish and shellfish for markets around the world. The island is covered in dense forests. Bald Eagles frequent the area along with other Wildlife.

Places to see include: the Alutiiq Museum and the Baranof Museum. Both museums contain Alutiiq Native artifacts. The Erskine House was a storehouse for furs and now is a National Historic Landmark. It is the oldest Russian building on the continent. Other places to see include: the Holy Resurrection church, St. Herman Orthodox Theological Seminary, Spruce Island, Fort Abercrombie State Park with bunkers and gun emplacements from World War 2, Pillar Mountain.

Places to see on Kodiak Island: St. Paul harbor, Near Island, St. Herman Harbor, Buskin River State recreation Area, Bells Flats, Beaches, hiking in forests, mountains. Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge can only be reached via the air or by boat. You'll find lots of bears on the refuge which is a mountainous wilderness. There are bear viewing tours available.

The visitor center is located on Marine way next to the ferry dock. There is a small airport about 5 miles from the city.

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