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Carolina Mountain Dermatology PA
78 Long Shoals Rd
Asheville, NC 32686

Dermatology Associates of Asheville
390 S French Broad Ave
Asheville, NC 28801

WNC Dermatological Associates
281 McDowell St
Asheville, NC 28803

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Your dermatologist can advise you on your best treatment for acne or any other skin problem you may have. A skin doctor can prescribe you a drug that may help improve your skin problems. He may advise you on changing your eating habits or send you to a dietician. Some foods can aggrevate acne and for that matter other skin problems too. Some people are more prone to breakouts due to ingestion of certain foods. These foods to avoid may include milk products (ice cream, cheese), chocolate, sodas, nuts and greasy foods. USA, LLC

OTC Acne Treatments can be found at @ Walmart, local pharmacies and at the Asheville mall. You can buy Proactiv acne medication at the mall via a vending machine.

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