North Carolina During World War II

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World War II in North Carolina

The Outer Banks War Zone

On April 13-14, 1942 the first U-boat, German U-85, was sunk off the North Carolina Coast. The Outer Banks was a war zone. Three hundred ninety-seven ships were sunk or damaged and nearly 5,000 people were killed. The loss of lives, ships and raw resources represents one of the greatest maritime disasters in history.

For six months, sixty-five German U-boats hunted Allied merchant vessels practically unopposed within view of American coastal communities. The greatest concentration of these attacks occurred off North Carolina's Outer Banks.

Axis Diplomats held at the Grove Park Inn

German and Italian Diplomats were held at the Grove Park Inn Asheville NC until they were traded for American Diplomats held in Germany and Italy.

POW Camps

During World War ii, German prisoners were camped near Hot Springs North Carolina.

Ships Commissioned

USS Asheville - Gun boat served in China and the Philippines, sunk May 3, 1942, South of Java, only one survivor who later died in a Japanese POW camp.

USS North Carolina - WW2 battleship now docked at Wilmington NC

The Memphis Belle Pilot

The Man Who Flew the Memphis Belle was Robert Morgan lived in Asheville NC. He died May 16, 2004. The Memphis Belle (B-17) had the first crew to complete 25 bombing missions over Germany.