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How to get started in Affiliate Marketing from Home

Getting started with affilliate programs is very hard to do. You will scour the web for information on promoting your website and never find out really what works. Thats because no one wants to tell you their secrets obviously but seriously, it is a guessing game. Plus, no one really knows what makes a site rank higher than others in the search engines if they did they would be multi-billionaires and they wouldn't be telling everyone their secrets.

What works for one may not work for you so always use unique content. Duplicating or copying another website is the worst thing you can do. At one time this may have worked, but now the search engines have put a filter in to filter out duplicate content. This is so they wont show the same site or information repeatedly in their results. The search engines consider duplicate content spam so you could get your website banned. Besides you could get sued because website content (this includes meta tags) is intellectual property and copying is plain outright stealing. Most of your affiliate programs frown on this too so you could get yourself thrown out of your affiliate programs. Its not worth the risk. and what's more, you will work harder and longer at searching and stealing than you would if you just wrote your own content.

Making your Website Marketing Work - Dedication and Persistence

Affiliate marketing is like gambling only you dont have to invest a lot of money. But once you get a system stick with it till it stops working then try something else. The competition is tremendous with the promise of easy cash. The truth is there is nothing easy about it. You cant work a few hours whenever and make it work. you have to be dedicated and persistent and that still might not pay off. The competition is huge so you have to find your own niche and the problem with that is most likely someone else will find the same niche. The word spreads fast and soon everyone will be using your niche so you will find that you have to start over again quite often. Affiliate marketing is an ongoing game. Most affiliates dont even make a hundred dollars a month. The top 5 percent make a few hundred dollars a month. It is the top 2 percent that make over a 1000 dollars a month. So dont quit your day job even if you do make it, your position in the search engines is precarious to say the least.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Choose from travel affiliate programs, clothing store affiliate programs and more all from one easy to use interface.

Choose from a large selection of affiliate programs. Find affiliate debt free program, Travel affiliate programs like Hot Wire, Orbitz, Delta airlines, and more. Data feeds available

ClixGalore Affiliate Program Affiliate programs listed in the clixGalore affiliate network. find an affiliate debt free program, the best online casino affiliate program and more. Join over 3050+ Affiliate programs. 2 tier.

Shareasale Afiliate program - data feeds available 2 tier.

Google Adsense is a great way to add value to your website and money in your pocket. Remember only a small percentage of your traffic ever buy anything. By adding Google Adsense to your site, you offer your visitors another resource. It is possible to make a very good income with Adsense alone. Some Adsense publishers make in the thousands every month while others make pennies. You should have a high quality content site as Google is picky who they accept. Read their rules carefully and adhere to them.

Chitika Ad Revenue - Ads that can be used with Google Adsense, good supplement income to Google adsense ads.

Acceptable commission rates on Affiliate Programs

Only about 1-2 percent of your traffic will actually buy anything. Most people are only window shopping so that means you need a product that is in high demand and offers a decent commission. Never take less than 5% commission, its not worth your time or effort. Some companies offer 1% commission which means on every dollar you sell you make 1 penny. You will have to sell a huge amount of products at 1 percent to make any kind of profit, and on the web that isn't going to happen unless your website generates a huge traffic flow (millions a month). So, be picky in what companies and products you choose to market.

Beware of Rip offs in the Affiliate Marketing World

Beware of some companies that dont pay you. There is usually a 2 month waiting period before you get paid from affiliate companies because they have return policies etc.

There are a few companies that will not pay you. They keep all the profit and mislead you into thinking you are going to be paid. If a company owes you and 2 months have past, contact them. Usually if they intend on paying you they will contact you back and send you a check. Occasionally you will run into a company that will email you and say they will look into this and never pay you. Most of the time if they dont intend on paying you, you'll never hear from them. Remove their links immediately. Because what good is making sales and commission if you are never going to be paid. There is really nothing you can do about companies that dont pay. Some are foreign companies. You really dont know who they are. And it will cost you more in legal fees than it worth. So just dump them and chalk it up to experience. Apply a policy of how much time you are willing to wait on a check and stick to it.

Affiliate Forums

Forums are mostly gossip and rumors. People are just guessing on what works and what does not. Because if they knew they wouldn't be on those forums telling everyone what they did and how much they made. Think about it, if they did they wouldn't be doing that well anymore. People who do well as affiliates, dont have time to waste at forums. Some people need forums for solidarity or for someone who they think understands. Sometimes they can give you an idea on SEO like brainstorming

How to make an effective affiliate marketing program

Try ppc or pay per click, it can be expensive and you might not make any money at all. Set a budget and stick to it. If you find that ppc is not feasible for you, then quit. You are guaranteed nothing only traffic.

Monitor your results of Affiliate Marketing

Be sure to monitor your click through rate not only to your website but to your affiliate programs. Remember, someone searching for something will click through and check the price, etc. If they are not, then something is wrong. either on your end or the affiliate program or the ppc program.

Art Posters, Picture Affiliate Programs

Find internet affilliate opportunities to sell posters, art prints and celebrities photos. Adding pictures is a great way to increase traffic to website but it wont make you rich. Most people are window shopping or looking for pictures to post on their website. I have sent over 10000 visitors to a poster affiliate program in one month with no sales. Beware if you save pictures to your site because people will steal your bandwidth by running your picture on their site through a link to your site.

All posters sign up sell posters and earn 20%-25% of every purchase made by your site visitors at their website. sign up - affialiate program has over 100,000 prints, posters and photographs from many categories including fine art, sports, movies, music, celebrities and more. 25-30% commission