Mount Mitchell Ghost Story

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Here is a Ghost Sighting near Asheville sent to me through feedback. If you have seen a ghost and would like to share, please write to me through the feedback. Mt Mitchell is close to the Asheville area and Marion NC. It is located off the Blue Ridge Parkway

Hi there, this is Sandra in Hickory again, and I've got a ghost story for you As I told you my great grand parents lived in Yancy Co. at the foot of Mt. Mitchell, the old home place is almost gone now, but when my grandmother was a baby my great grandmother was cooking supper and waiting for my great grandfather to get home from work, he worked on the railroad then, it was dusk dark as she waited at the door for him, when she saw some lights moving in the woods up on the hill from the house. so she walked to the end of the porch to get a better look and saw it was in the graveyard! as she watched the lights came out of the ground, then circled the graveyard fence then went back into the ground where they started! they did this several times, she couldn't believe it When Great grandpa got home he went up there with a lantern but found nothing out of place! Three months later there was a fever going around and three people died and were buried there where the light came out of the ground! was this a omen? my great grandmother told this to me herself! her name was Martha Mc'mahan and she was married to William McKinley Mc'mahan and they lived on cat tail creek rd. in a little community named Pensacola ( not fla.)