North Carolina Legends: Myths, Tales, Legend, Stories: Unexplained Phenomenon

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North Carolina Myths, Legends, Folklure and Unexplained Phenomenon

Here is a list of Myths, Legends, Superstitions, folklure andunexplained phenomenon that are told or occur in the Asheville area, the NC mountains and the state of North Carolina.

North Carolina Legends, Stories, Folklure, Old Sayings & Traditions

NC Legends

Legend of the Indian River

Oconaluftee River was sacred to the Cherokee Indians. The Indians called the river Ya'nu-dine hunyi (means where the bears live). A family of water bears was said to live at the footer of the river in a deep hole. In another part of the river called Ya'nu-u'nata wasti'yi where the bears washed. It was a deeper part of the river where all the animals came to wash and heal their wounds when they had been hurt by hunters. No person had ever seen this place because evil had blinded us to it's existence. The animals knew how to find it and diving into it meant instant healing.

Legend of Pussy Willow

There is a legend that once many little kittens were thrown into a river to drown because nobody wanted them. The mother cat wept and was so distraught that the willows on the bank felt very sad for her and held out their branches to the struggling kittens. The little kittens clung to them and were saved. Ever since that time, each spring the willows wear gray buds that feel as soft and silky as the fir of the little kittens. Since that time the trees have been called pussy willows so that we would never forget the good deed they did.

Haley's Comet

Some say that on a certain day the tail of the comet would fall off, set the world on fire and fill the air with poisonous gas killing everything on earth.

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