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Blowing Rock Indian Legend NC

The Starlight of Blowing Rock is a Native American Myth. The story is about a mountain Indian Chieftain named Osseo. Osseo had a beautiful daughter named Starlight.

Osseo was reluctant to let his daughter wed. After much pleading, Osseo finally gave in to his daughter. Both Osseo and his daughter were to choose from the suitors who came to plead their case. A place was designated. The place was an cliff high above a valley.

Many suitors came. Among the suitors the bravest and handsomest was Kwasind. Kwasind was Starlight s choice for a husband. But, another suitor who was bitter over Starlight's choice, whispered to Starlight that Kwasind was already married and had deserted his bride in a land far away.

Starlight was heart broken. Kwasind tried to talk to her. Starlight told him, "I would rather see you dead than be my husband." Kwasind replied, "You will see how much I love you," and with that leaped over the cliff. Starlight shrieked and called out, "O strong West Wind, bring my lover back to me! O sweet South Wind, bear him in your gentle arms."

The 2 winds heard Starlight's distress and blew Kwasind back up the cliff into Starlight's arms. Kwasind took Starlight into his arms. Starlight whispered to Kwasind, "Forgive me and I will follow you to the ends of the earth."

To this day, if someone throws an object from Blowing Rock the winds will catch it, and throw it back to the person who threw it.

Note: My Uncle went to Blowing Rock in 1947. Told me he lost a perfectly good hat by throwing it off Blowing Rock, maybe the winds were not right that day.

Blowing Rock is located off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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