Lorelei Myth: Native American Myths

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Sirens of the French Broad River Myth

This is a Cherokee Native American myth and the story goes some what like this:

The Lorelei are sirens who appear to travelers who pause to refresh in the river during the heat of the day. It is said that music can be heard blending faintly with the sounds of the river when the Lorelei appear. When the traveler looks into the water he sees a beautiful woman beckoning to him. If the traveler falls for this trick he is caught by arms that are slimy and cold and greeted by a grinning skull. A loud laugh is heard after which all is silent.

The Lorelei live along the French Broad River near Asheville in the NC mountains in the many pools where there is rapid water flowing.

  • This Myth is One of Many Native American Myths
  • The Cherokee Indians are North Carolina Native Americans
  • Myths are a significant part of Native American Culture
  • Much of American Native History has been passed down through the ages by the telling of myths

This legend along with many others can be found in North Carolina Legends by Richard Walser.