Brown Mountain Lights Explanation

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Brown Mountain Lights North Carolina Mystery

Brown Mountain Lights is in Linville Gorge near Marion NC, Lake James which are about about 45 minutes from Asheville. Brown Mountain Lights are an unexplained flickering lights that appear to be moving along the ridge in a linear pattern and could be mistaken for a group of people holding torches searching the mountain at night. The Brown Mountain Lights can be seen from Table Rock or Wiseman's view on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Many legends have grown from this phenomenon.

Legend says that an old slave is carrying a lantern, looking for his/her master. Prior to the Civil War, many slaves died here on the way north via the Underground Railway.

Legend says a man killed his wife and child in this area and hid the body in the woods, then he went to town and said his wife and child were missing. The town people went to the area with lanterns searching for the bodies, and they are still searching.

The lights are ghosts of Cherokee Indians searching for their dead.

The lights are caused by methane gas.

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