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Us is really just me.


I came to the mountains of North Carolina over 25 years ago from Wilmington, Delaware. I was only 19 years old, a freshman at Mars Hill College, and a "city girl". I fell in love with the area and decided to stay. By doing so I became officially what they call in these parts of the country a "damn" Yankee. However, as the years have past, I have adopted Western North Carolina as my home and I am just as proud of the culture and heritage of Western North Carolina as my home-grown neighbors are. It was easy for me to adjust as my mother was raised in Mt. Airy North Carolina and I inherited from her many country attributes that are universal to Mountain Folk. I have transgressed from "Damn Yankee" to "Transplanted Yankee" to "Down-home Country Folk" or better known as "Mountain Folk."

I have known many "old timers" that grew up in the early part of the 20th century. These "old timers" were stout, hard working, proud, and stubborn people. They taught me many things about the culture and life styles of the Mountain Folk of North Carolina but more importantly, they taught me about life. I have developed a deep respect for the home-grown Mountain Folk. These are people who will do anything in the world to help out their fellow man, but don't cross them and don't order them about either. Mountain folk don't take too kindly to being ordered around. This is where their stubbornness comes into play. But, what I admire most about Mountain Folk is their ability to tell you exactly what they think without insulting you.

Many of these "old timers" who passed on to me their know-how have died many years ago. I have dedicated The Asheville List to preserving these stories that relate the culture and heritage of these proud Mountain Folk. I have recorded these stories as best as I can recollect in the sections on Cooking, History, Old Sayings, Mountain Dictionary, Legends, Folk Art and Herbs. These sections will grow as I remember details of the stories told to me and as more people write in with their mountain life experience.

In addition, I have taken history courses at UNCA where the instructors are very knowledgeable in the history of the Asheville area as well as North Carolina. In the Asheville List History section you will find excerpts from my class notes and many of my research papers. In many of the hotel pages (UK in particular) you will find short essays on people and events, some written by UNCA students who were my classmates at the time. There is a section on Tudor England that is taken from my class notes from that Class.